Friday, June 24, 2011

a new bed and tobacco pests

The other day the fellers built a new garden bed down in the bowl area. There was excess dirt from where the stairs were carved out and this was the closest place that they could fit one in where there wasn't too much gravel to move first.
The tobacco is coming along quite well except for a couple of plants that looked like they had some funky disease. After a closer look at the underside of the affected leaves this is what I found
I have never seen a moth like this on the tobacco before. He was a big ugly bugger. It is time to start watching the tobacco closely for worms, moths, and other nasty critters .

Monday, June 20, 2011

monday's mountain musings

Busy, busy, busy is the word around the homestead. I cleaned the greenhouse today and 11 trays of fall seedlings were planted. Manthing worked some more on the goat shed and split some wood and Measa worked on the pathways and stairs to the terraces, did some weed eating, and then got the carport area cleaned up. The stairs to the terraces really show how steep of a hillside they are actually on. What were we thinking? At the rate he is working we will be building new beds before the end of summer just to have things to do. Ain't many people that can tire me out working consistently but he certainly can!
The gardens are coming along very well and I am still working on a big update for them. I am in my final week of yet another semester of classes and the internet here has been very wonky for the last several days so I am very flustered with things lately. Research and making videos is difficult to do when one has intermittent internet access.
Tonight I made a garlic scape carbonara for dinner. It was quite tasty, simple to make and very cheap too. Rather than post the recipe I will just give the link to where I found it. I added some summer squash and zucchini into ours and we had the last of our spring greens to go along with it.