Tuesday, August 30, 2011

around the homestead-gardens n stuff

The gardens are doing amazingly well even though we have had no rain for going on two months. A lot of time is being spent watering the gardens trying to keep what we can alive and trying to give the fall plantings a fighting chance. The incessant heat is making it hard enough on them , the least we can do is dump water on them every couple days and even then, it should be more.

Most of the summer stuff is still producing so finding space for planting stuff has been an issue. I interplant what I can in the beds with summer stuff as much of the fall stuff doesn't mind a bit of shade.Of course, the seeds I just swept up and dumped from the GH floor are growing the best, in the weedy flower bed of all places. They sure a pretty though. To help combat the lack of space issue, Measa made a bed the other day from wood I had pulled out of another bed that refuse to stay in its borders no matter what I do to contain it. This bed will take some remediation to get some good soil in it as it is quite rocky and not real deep because of where it is located.
Bunnies were getting into the big bed across from the GH and it is one of the places I like to plant full of fall plants. After they ate the first 20 cabbages in there we decided there was no point in putting anything more in there until the fence was fixed. Measa worked on that last week between watering beds and running to hide from the heat. Now it is all fenced in again with a door on either end
Hopefully this week I can get the remaining fall plants in the ground after having spent most of last week writing finals papers. Unfortunately, I get no break between semesters of classes so started back at it yesterday.The good news is, after this semester, I only have two more blocks of classes. I really cannot wait for next spring when I am not tied to the computer everyday for half the day. It will seem nice even if it is just for one term til I start again.