Tuesday, May 7, 2013

tinman scarecrows

Stumbling around the  internet one day,  the manthing ran across  a tinman scarecrow. Knowing we had a pile of empty coffee cans and bored one day, he set about building  Spinnegan. 

We thought he was so cute that as soon as we had a stash of cans again he set about to building Rainbow Rosie. Since we didn't have  enough cans to give Rosie  arms or legs we decided to  clothe her and stuff  her.  Not only are they  kinda cute and serve a purpose, their heads are  also functional planters. Rosie still needs a bit more stuffing to even out her lumps n bumps.

No instructions  were  used  when making them. He just laid out the shape using different size cans, made holes in the bottoms, and strung them together using wire.