Wednesday, May 30, 2012

yay for rain!

Yay for rains!
The gardens were beginning to get a little bit thirsty  and since we have no secondary water supply from the pond at the moment, I was beginning to worry a bit.  After the rain  hitting everywhere but here over the last several days, it was  nice  to get a smidgeon last evening and through the night, with more on the way tomorrow.

 The gardens looked so much happier this morning  and should allow us to begin harvesting some cukes, zukes, summer squash, broccoli, and maters  within a week or so. The garlic, onions, and carrots will also be coming out shortly to make way for  other things and stuff.  I cannot wait as I am  sick of the flavorless semi fresh crap I am stuck buying  from the local markets that haul in their  produce from  Florida. There simply is no replacement for fresh, from the garden, veggies.

I had to cut the morning walkabout short but  here are a few pics of the beds up around the garanimals.   Things are beginning to look like a garden  rather than empty beds. I do not much care for the time period between planting and when things really start looking good. Another couple weeks and I will have my beautiful mess  back. The squash are beginning to run  everywhere and make the manthing's weedwhackin life more difficult.