Friday, February 17, 2012


Two years ago when, we had the glut of peaches from our then lone peach tree, many of the peaches ended up on the ground or eaten by critters. Unlike any year prior, all those peach pits sprouted into tiny trees, so for kicks I decided to let them grow assuming most of them would die a natural death. Oddly enough, most actually lived through their first winter and and all through last summer and on through this winter (what winter we have had and it aint much). Between not having time, having bad weather when we did have time, having people say they were going to move them and then not and my own laziness, I just got around to digging several of them out today and replanting.

I had big ideas of moving all 23 of them today and only got 12 moved but it was a good start. Since these peaches were all surrounding a tree and since they were not in pots, but in the actual soil, getting them out with all the roots was a bit challenging. Most came out with a nice chunk of sod with them, making the transplant fairly easy, but a couple came out bare rooted. Wonder if they will survive?

This is just another experiment around the place that only cost me some time. Will they survive the transplant? Will they grow decent peaches? Is peachling a word? Only time will tell, but if they do, we will have one heck of a peach orchard in a couple years.