Wednesday, March 28, 2012

marble crate-garden bed

We have had a marble crate hanging around here for a couple years and after having a FAIL with it last season, I decided I was going to turn it into a raised bed. I decided our outdoor shower area was in need of a makeover to make it more appealing and make better use of the semi shaded area with a ready made trellis.

I dragged the tub out of its corner, pulled the crate to where I wanted it, and set about figuring how I was going to fill in all the gaps between slats of wood,and keep the soil (growing medium) in as I was turning it to the side. While cleaning the area up I dropped a soda can and it fit nicely between the slats of wood. One issue solved! While putzing about I remembered we had the cabinet doors from the trailer we dismantled, low and behold, they fit! I now had a plan. I would line the slats with soda cans from the last visitors we had, then throw in all the old clothes they left scattered about and the front would be sealed by the doors. I would then fill the remainder up with leaves, then top the last couple inches with soil.

It worked a charm except for breaking one door (they are glass) and it took a tremendous amount of leaves that I had to stuff in through the slats on top. It certainly aint the prettiest looking planter but if all grows according to plan, it should provide a nice little bounty of food. I planted beans along the back and side by the shack so they can climb the lattice. Then have a section of lettuce, a row of basil, a row of rapini, a couple cucumbers and two tomato plants. As the leaves and soil settle I will add additional soil/mulch

The pallet garden is next on the project list as planting and weather permit.