Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

monday's mountain musings

For a change, the moon cycle and the planting season cycle correlate enough that I am trying to plant with the moon. This has meant we have been busy planting root crops. Carrots, onions, leeks, turnips and potatoes have been going in when weather and time permit. We are trying to plant taters in several different areas this year in hopes of a better crops and to eliminate the problem we had with the potato beetles last year.
Some of the beds are being amended and many of the medicinal herbs are going in as they need the time before frost to do their thing and germinate. The remaining beds will be worked up and amended as we have time. Most of the started seeds are now in the greenhouse and things are greening up nicely outside. The few cabbage that made it through the winter are heading up nicely and the peas are beginning to climb. I made three trellises for them today while out putzing about and they turned out quite nice.

Speaking of time, after this week I will have 3 months of free time before going back to school. I cannot wait to not be tied to the computer for half my waking hours unless I choose to be. I have a few projects up my sleeve that I want to work on while I am off. More pallet fun, Hoorah!!