Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make your own oil lamp

We've all seen the kind of oil lamps that you can buy at drug and department stores and the pretty colored oils that you can get to go with it, but did you ever think about making one yourself? It's very simple, much easier than making a candle and much brighter too.

Make a small decorative oil lamp out of an empty glass bottle with screw-on metal lid. It's cheap, easy, and possibly romantic. Actually the possibilities of what you can make these out of is endless. From slicing open a tin can (not exactly kid friendly) to an old soda or wine bottle to baby food or spaghetti sauce jars to a mug or even a bowl. If it will hold liquid it can be made into a crude lamp.

Wicks can range from a conventional wick that you purchase to a piece of old cotton or linen cut down . In a pinch you can also use paper towel as a wick..

The great thing about oil lamps like this is you can use leftover cooking oil, sure some oils give off a little odor, but I find that things like canola and olive oil are virtually odor free. Vegetable and peanut oil also work well. Lard even works but does stink some. I have even read of where people press their sunflower seed, pecans and acorns for the oils in order to use them. Another great thing about using cooking oil is, if somehow you knock it over, it will extinguish the flame unlike candles that can start fires.

If you want to get creative with your lamps, infuse the oils with herbs or fragrances. Dye the oils or even put trinkets and other doodads down in the jar cover with water then add your oil, add a bow or some lace and wallah. (these can make some nice cheap personalized gifts ).

here are a couple different versions of basically the same thing. Use your imagination, be creative and have fun... (these can make some nice personalized gifts ).

Here are a couple different how to's on making the lamps.




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