Friday, January 29, 2010

collecting water- the spring head

Here on the homestead we have no well or city water line coming in. Critter and house water is from rain collection. Our drinking water is from our spring here on the land. In normal rainfall years, the spring will give us over 3 gallons of water a minute. Even in the driest of years she still flows, albeit slowly, but still provides us with enough drinking water. Old locals say that this is one of the only springs that never seems to dry up.

We generally take the truck out about once a week to check mail down at the road and to fetch our week supply of water. We use about 2 gallons a day for the two of us. If needed we could use a wheel barrow and go a bit more often or go and carry four gallons back at a time. It isnt the flattest walk in the land however an every other day walk hauling 35 pounds of water would be good for the soul. Round trip  from the house is a little bit over  a half mile.

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