Friday, January 22, 2010

indoor garden and 2010 garden updates

I have baby tomatoes. I think they are absolutely adorable and by march first or so  we should be eating fresh  tomatoes from the vine. This plant has about 25 flowers I am pollinating each day with  my handy dandy  dread lock pollinator device. It really works a charm  and I never forget where I left it or cant find it. This pretty  girl will  be my mother plant shortly when I take cuttings from her and grow clones to give me an extra jump (I hope) on tomato season.

I have begun moving many of the other plants from the loft to the gh. I  will be moving more in the next week or so as the weather levels out a bit. The baby cuke , vining beans and the tomato will  stay in the loft while I start my seedlings this spring. The tomato is  stuck up there as it is  about 7 foot tall if I was to straighten her all out.

I am  still getting a few beans from my  plants and  others are doing fairly well. Sadly the hutterite soup beans have done no better for me in containers, in a controlled environment than they did outside for me last summer.  Not one I am  going to bother attempting to grow again. I am realizing after two years of serious indoor with minimal  supplemental lighting that if i actually want to eat produce from my plantings inside I needs to plant my indoor garden during the summer. Though they do give me a good  jump on   spring, the only thing I have been able to harvest regularly are greens and I can grow them yr round in the gh. I am figuring I will need to plant sometime in  July  in order to achieve my goals of year round  fresh veggies other than  greens.

 updated winter  indoor/gh garden  photos

I moved some of the greens from the loft  to the greenhouse and planted some of my cabbage that I had  brought into  the gh during the coldest of our weather.

I fed most the greens in the table bed to the critters and there were a few peas still growing from my last experiment. I then planted seed for peas, chinese cabbage and spinach. Soon as the other bed warms a bit and i can finish it. I will plant some lettuces and other salad fixins.

We also pulled the wood stove out this past week. This will now give  me more open flood space. If I make another raised bed in there it will give  me about 65 square foot of gardening space in the gh. I am thinking I may leave it as is until after the spring seedlings move through and  make the bed for this summer, fall and winter gardens.

updated 2010 garden photos


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