Saturday, January 9, 2010

indoor garden update

we have had some really cold weather recently but the gh seems to be doing ok despite not having a heat source in there. Last night we got down to around 5 degrees but we have been having teen temps at night for well over a week now with us not coming up to freezing during the day in about a week.

I have all the beds in there covered with a hoop type house and then they all have another layer of plastic and two other blankets or covers. As of yesterday nothing had died. Growth has near stopped but things look healthy overall.

The inside plants are growing well or fairly well. Tomatoes are flowering pretty good, beans are making a few beans, and the greens are giving us a meal or so a week.. The greens from onions n garlic and cilantro are all tasty too. Peas are shooting up a good bit and some of the newer bean plantings are coming up good. My baby cukes are doing well too but my zookini has failed yet again.

Here is the running photo blog of the indoor gardens.

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  1. I'm so envious of your green house! We didn't get anything planted in time under the cold frames, or get the plastic over the wire trellises we hoped to experiment with as a green house. I vow that this is the last January I do not have my own fresh salad veggies!