Monday, February 8, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Mid winter sunsets here on the homestead  are absolutely gorgeous. The sun goes down  just off our horizon and settles between the mountains and scenes like this are quite common place.

Baby Gumbalina (our newest grand baby) is due any day now. Over the last couple weeks  momma has been  having a few issues with heart rate of baby  and lack of movement so she has been in and out of the hospital and doctors four days a week. We have come to the conclusion after several ultrasounds and other assorted tests that there is nothing wrong with  Gumbalina other than she is sick of hanging out in  the baby cave and she has to pee. Any who, glad to report that  all seems well at present  and    she should be making her grand debut before  this coming Sunday.

Our  baby blizzard that was forecast last week was a complete bomb. We had a total of 51 ice pellets, 49 snow flakes, some really BIG winds and many, many inches of rain. Aint nothing like getting the damned yankee all excited  over winter weather  and then get nothing. We have a "special weather statement" up again for tomorrow tonight and some very cold temps rolling in though, so I can hope for an accidental blizzard to  roll in.

The world lost  a very dear man  Friday  night and  any one that reads this I am asking to  please send your good energies, vibes and prayers if you do such a thing to  his family. Although  the manthing and I had never met  him in real life we had known him for many  years on the internet and spent many hours on the phone with him. He always told me "I  aint been the best person, too many drugs n too much alcohol in and out of jail and trouble my whole life  but now that I am able to  help others I am  doing my best to make up for what I screwed up."

Blu Raven, my brother, you touched more hearts and lives and did more good than you  ever knew. I won't miss the 2 am  ramblin  drunken  phone calls asking for prayers but you will be missed my friend and you touched  us here if no others. May  you cross over  to the other side and find the peace and love you couldn't find  here in this realm . We LUVVVV YOU!

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