Thursday, February 18, 2010

the potato experiment

We save our own seed taters here from year to year. Normally we do it by cutting the pieces of potato and planting large chunks just as we all have learned  through the years. This year in my quest for stretching things and making do, I have decided to use some of the eye growing potatoes that we have in storage for cooking and just cutting a tiny section of the potato off with the eye.

Instead of 2-3 inch sections of potatoes going in the ground, I have 1/4 - 1/2 inch pieces that I am going to attempt to plant and see how they do. If this idea works, it will give us  quite a few extra potatoes to eat on   until harvest time that otherwise would be hacked up and thrown  in the ground.

Any time I make a meal with taters I am cutting the eyes off with just a tiny portion of potato attached to them and putting  them in the cold storage room to chit. I am then using the remainder of the spud for whatever it is I am making.

So far most all seem to be doing well. I will be planting a few samples in the gh tomorrow and seeing what happens with them. The rest I am hoping to string along until planting time next month on St Pat's day.

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