Saturday, February 6, 2010

seeds of sustainability

Each season I try and order a few new to me types of seeds. I don't need them but I enjoy adding to my seed banks for the future and I enjoy trying different  veggies and fruits out. I  also try and find varieties of   seed that does well in our local area  in order to increase production This year my selections were the chinese mosaic long bean, white rice bean, north Ga candy roaster squash, siamese dragon  stir fry mix,  and strawberry spinach. It will be fun seeing how each of the new  varieties do this  season in the gardens.

The other picture is of my complete seed order for the year. I purchased  eight packs and got one freebie. I am trying to find a decent snow pea to plant for our area  and I needed more alabama red okra seeds as  the deer ate  every single stalk I had planted last year. The last pack I ordered was a mesclun mix for salads as I haven't quite gotten the lettuce  seed saving  down to a science yet

 If anyone is interested I have a small stash of seeds that I would be willing to trade  for some different varieties of heirloom  seeds. I also know that  with the economy in the condition it is  some folks that want to begin gardening yet have no means of acquiring the seed.  If you are interested in some just shoot me an email. Seeds that I have available are  following. Unfortunately, for those out side the US, I do not know the laws for sending  seed out of country.

danvers half long carrots
tonda de parigi carrots (small round)
marketer cucumber,
fern leaf dill
edamame soy bean
wonder sweet pepper
moon and stars watermelon
echinacea purpurea
thai golden round melon
silk leaf tobacco
white dent corn (heirloom but forgot what)
waltham broccoli
snowball self blanching cauliflower
castor bean,
tigger melon
quinoa kaslala
longy cayenne pepper,
victoria rhubarb
catskill brussel sprout
chinese five color pepper (very hot)


  1. hey dilli, i'd like to trade a few seeds, i'll send you an email when I figure out what i've got, mostly beans probably. that's quite a list you've got, you're way ahead of me in the seed saving. did your packets labeled heirloom seed come from the place with the same name, out of PA?

  2. The seed packs shown are all from Baker Creek