Thursday, April 1, 2010

gardens 2010-cabbage and tomato update

Today I kicked all the tomato babies out to the greenhouse. I took 88 babies down, kept 2 in the loft and killed 10. I will take cuttings  from my mother plant next week and bring the total back to 100 plants. I set all the plantlings in the aquariums in case it gets too cold   and I need to  shelter them further. It also helps for watering purposes as I like to bottom water.

 The three  cabbage in the Gh are growing great and heading nicely. I hope they continue being so healthy  and provide us some nice very early cabbage. The cabbage we transplanted last week into the garden are also doing very well. They seem to be recovering nicely from the wind damage they had  as well as transplant shock and so far we have not lost a one.


  1. My dad was recounting his youth last week. He always likes to remind us to harvest the cabbage young and get another one or two heads out of the 'stump.' While Dad likes to pick the ourter leaves of the lettuce, letting the core leaves continue to grow; I like to cut off the plant, leaving the 'stump' to produce another bunch of leaves.
    Looks like a great garden is coming together!