Saturday, April 24, 2010


During the spring cleanup happening around here I have found a wide assortment of things that have been left, lost, misplaced, forgotten, blown away or perhaps swiped by one of the dogs over the years.  I have found several cars of various shapes, sizes, colors and makers. Some are in pretty good shape and others  probably should have been left in their earthen burial grounds where I found them. I have found a small plastic yellow dinosaur with his front feet bit off, sandals, socks, tin cans, a couple quart jars from bug collections gone bad,a few utensils, assorted bits n pieces of plastic stuff.

Until yesterday I had not found anything of any real value  in quite some time around here when I saw something that caught my eye. After digging  around in the dirt   and pulling it out I found an old cast iron chili pot with  handles and cute little legs. It is a little bit rough looking but with a bit of TLC, some elbow grease  and time  it will be as good as new.


  1. Wow that's would be interesting to know how long it's been there...and how it got abandoned...I mean who abandons their cast iron? It will be beautiful when restored and very handy too.

  2. well manthing thinks he recalls them having one long ago when will he was a pup.. Willhe had a bad habit of toting everything off if he could pick it up so it probably has been out there over 10 years as i had never seen it so technically not a true ground score since its on our own property n was once his property lol.. but kewl nonetheless