Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm going to grow me a garden in tin cans and old clothes....

The other day  a couple of the blogs I read on a normal basis had posted a link on their sites to a power point presentation on rooftop and urban gardening. I browsed the site that day, read the presentation and posted a link to it on the face book group. I actually watched the presentation the following day while it was raining.

All I can say is wow!  They have given me all sorts of crazy ideas to try and use around the homestead as experiments to see how they do in our environment and hopefully pass on to other folks down the line. The picture above is one of those crazy ideas. It isn't a pile of dirty laundry but some really ratty  old clothes  that are going to be re-purposed with some old tin cans and grow us some food.

Though the   foundation that made the presentation caters to third world  countries I feel  that many of the ideas given in itcould help many people here in the USA if this sort of thinking "outside of the container," to borrow Dr. Prices  phrase, is made more available to our citizens. I don't like being all doom n gloom but I don't see  the "green shoots" that  our government does and believe that we all should be  learning to grow and growing as much of our own food as possible. The only way  I see out of this mess is  building strong communities, keeping it local  and getting back to our roots. Food  is one of the best ways I know of to begin this process  but at the same time we all can't afford to have or have the space for designer gardens and the solutions offered in this presentation could prove to be life saving for people in our near future. It also  had some really good ideas for displaced or even homeless people to make some very simple but also portable garden beds.  

Any who, if you have a spare 80 minutes or so one day  I highly recommend listening to the presentation and viewing the slides. There are also  added notes at the end of the presentation that are interesting.


  1. I swear that Dr. Prices video was just the coolest thing I've taken time out for in a long time.....I cant wait to try some of it out....

  2. I'm glad you liked the link - I was the one who sent it to a blog I read.

    Last year hubby and I went to the free open house ECHO sponsors and saw first hand the demos and demo gardens. It was absolutely amazing.

    We tried and still use the container gardens with holes drilled up the sides & bottoms filled up with stuff, tried the gutter gardening in our front raised beds. We can learn so much from Thrid World methods.

    If you are ever in the area, Ft Myers, Fl - make a point to stop in ECHO. Just the bookstore is worth the trip.

  3. my little gutter garden plants are up already. So far as long as I water them once a day they are fine.. Cant wait til i build me the herb raft and the hugulklture, something we already have plans for and a couple of the cloth/can tubs..