Thursday, June 24, 2010

mystery plant

I hate trying to identify  plants on my own  because it is near impossible when you have no where to start. I do not think entering "stinky weed"  in a search  engine would yield me any results that would help me in the identification process and besides it is much more fun  to see what others think it is and then I can search from there to see if it is indeed what someone thought it was.

This mystery plant is here on the property and every time we  weed eat  it stinks up the entire area and the person weed eating.It is a hard to describe smell other than odorific to the point of over powering and sweet. It has a thick woody  type stem and gets a few feet tall. The leaves have little serrations and feel thickish. Does anyone have any idea what this plant is?


  1. Does it ever flower? Knowing the flower type, flower color, number of pistles etc are the easiest ways to identify your plant. You might also want to contact your local Extension office or Forestry Dept.
    Since you are across the US from me and I don't have a plant id book from your area, sorry I can't help.

  2. You can pull it up and take it to an extension service and they will identify it for you.

  3. susan it does but i aint sure when ...i will keep an eye on the plant thru the season n see what it does...

    lol i dont care about identifying it that much to take it to forest folks or extension

  4. When I was trying to identify some plants in my area I typed in native plants in place name and then added a couple of descriptors (in your case I would say stinky) and it took a little while but I did find out that I had Astors and 4 different varieties of them :)