Sunday, July 18, 2010

peach "honey"

I found myself with another half milk crate full of peaches off the tree  yesterday. So, today I decided to try a recipe I ran across the other day while browsing the internet and looking for things to make from all these peaches I have found my self with. We are butchering 20 chickens tomorrow and I have finals this week and I have tons more peaches on the tree so I had to use my free time today to preserve some of them so they do not go to waste. I thought peach "honey" would be something that would be not only tasty   but something that we would actually use over the course of the year. I also liked the fact that I could  use just the peels in order to make the recipe and that in doing so there would be no part of the fruit wasted.

I used the recipe for the peach honey from peels, although, because I have an abundance of peaches, I  used the entire fruit and followed the directions (mostly) from  here.  My only deviation from the recipe was that I did not strain  the mixture through a jam bag after boiling the fruit(peels) as  I like the little bits of fruit in the honey. The recipe is very easy to follow as it is only 2 ingredients, the link has a good picture tutorial to go with the recipe and as far as food preservation goes it doe not take that long to whip out a batch.  I love the color it turned out to be and can't wait to try some on a stack of sourdough pancakes.


  1. Looks good! I am planning to make peach jam this year. I think I'll use the peels for peach honey!

  2. that looks great, dilli! I've been wanting another kind of fruit syrup & this will be it if I can get some good peaches.
    The site you linked for the directions looks good too, thanks!
    how did your finals go? are you finished with your program already or just a semester?

  3. Michelle finals are this week and it is just this semester.. 16 months to go lol. I do like the site I linked too, they have very easy to follow tutorials on there .. hope you are well !

  4. I wish you well during your finals, dilli!

    After reading the instructions, I think I am going to try the peach honey with less sugar by using the pectin.
    thanks, I am well & enjoying the summer.