Saturday, July 17, 2010

tomatoes- canning

Yesterday while canning the peaches I was also able to begin canning a few tomatoes up. Since they are both water bath items  it made the process super easy as  they are basically the same when it comes to prep work and canning.  I only had 3 quarts of tomatoes to do  but it is three more quarts than I was able to do last year so I was happy. Hopefully this was the first of many tomato canning sessions.

Rather than  typing out something that is already written everywhere  and written  in a much better fashion than I can do, I will just give a couple links to the sources that I use when I need to  reference a manual.

 The first link has many ways to can tomatoes, from whole to juice and soups.

The second link is to a very well put together picture tutorial from start to finish. The site  has  tutorials on canning many other types of fruit and veggies too.

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