Monday, August 2, 2010


Been a crazy week around the homestead and part of why I have not been updating . Mind you, it is not  a bad crazy but one that will require major adjustments on the part of both  the manthing and myself.  He has gotten a new job but one with some crazy hours attached to it and  what seems like will be a lot of traveling and time away from the homestead.

Last week he got a call from a place that he had  sent his resume to over the last two years a couple, few time  and they wanted an interview with him an hour later. He returned and they wanted a DMV report so we went and got that, dropped it back by the company and was told he would start the next day. The Lord blessed us yet again and just  on time too. It is awesome how well he truly takes care of us. We had just 5 weeks left of unemployment left  before manthing was  going to be what  has been dubbed a "99 weeker."

The first day he worked over 14 hours, so much for a slow break in period  after a dang near two year vacation. There were a few issues we had with things and were not sure if  the new job was going to work out but the bossman called, things got worked out (we think) and  oh by the way can you go out of town for five days this week.

This morning, bright and early  the manthing pulled out for  his first full week back at work.A week with a flushing  indoor pooper, hot and running  water, air conditioning, GMO additive filled garbage known as food, an idiot box, a real bed and work. Things we have had no part of over the  last two years. I am home with   all the critters, school, a hundred million tons of veggies to put back and all the chores of the homestead.  It is definitely going to take some getting used to and acclimating ourselves to  this new situation we are in. I do not know if either one of us will " like" the situation we are now in but it will give us a bit more financial security over  time and  give him more experience in the same, but new, field that he has already worked in for 25 years. It will be interesting to see how we both adjust to our new roles over time  and  it sure will be quiet around here.


  1. Congrats on the the new job!! Sounds like will have a lot to do all by yourself and I wish you both the best of luck.