Saturday, September 4, 2010

doggie bag

In the past, manthing and I have seen the upcycled tote bags  and thought what a neat idea, and at one point we had good intentions of making them. Unfortunately, it is one of those things, that although we say we will get around to it, we never do.  When he started  the new job, he needed a tote  to haul all his small tools for work but he didn't feel  like going to town to buy an overpriced piece of crap made in China that would last a month and break.

Because he is 1/3 hillbilly,  he decided to  be resourceful and make his own bag. Being 1/3 hippie, he did not want to make handles  and sew them on, and because of the 1/3 white trash in him, he does love his duck tape.  This is his doggie bag that he made and I must say, it works quite well. So well in fact, that I think  he I might just make me 10 or 12 and begin using them for our grocery bags from now on. It isn't like we will stop feeding the dogs anytime soon, so we will always have a supply of them  and the duck tape is only a few bucks a roll, so theoretically, he I could make  a few dozen  for a couple bucks.  We could get all fancy  and get the red or blue tape and make it match the doggie bag too. Hey, I wonder if we could get the dog food company to push this  and get a life time supply of dog food for nothing because of our  manthing's brilliance.
 Anywho, this is the bag and I think it is self explanatory how he made it. Just in case though, all he did is cut it off at the height he wanted. He then took a razor knife and cut his handle holes in. The last step was to  tape off all the cut areas and wallah, a doggie bag .


  1. This is beyond brilliant!!!! You could also probably flip the bag inside out, so you're not advertising your dog food brand, and have an all white bag. I might have to borrow this idea. Have to say, I LOL'd at the 1/3 hillbilly, 1/3 hippie, 1/3 white trash. I swear you just described MY husband!!! :)

  2. thanx lol.. we thought of turning it inside out when i was going to make the other ones with the sew on handles and then we thought nahhh ,, too much like work :)... his first one has lasted over a month so far for his daily tote and is still fine he just needed a slightly larger one

  3. very cool, creative & resourceful! I saw a homemade upcycled bag made from a plastic type bird feed bag, it even had a lining sewn in. Looks like manthings bag is made from that same type of material. Would make a good lunch bag with that Dog Food label on the side of it.

  4. yes, Michelle, same type of bag.... they are useful for many things... we use them for earth bag construction too.. hoping to do a goat shed withum soon