Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wednesday's walk about

Since planting, harvesting and most other homestead chores are in a bit of a lull right now, I  thought I would begin sharing a couple  blogs that I really enjoy reading.  While I tend to hang around homesteading and self sufficiency type blogs, I have varied interests and enjoy some that have not a thing to do with  either. If you find yourself with a bit of time, head on over and visit them sometime, you may find you enjoy them as much as I.

Mocha Momma , is a blog that I absolutely enjoy reading. While we are nothing alike and live in two very different worlds, her musings, stories, and thoughts keep me going back to read what she has been up to. MM is bright, witty, an educator and a beautiful human being that has overcome a lot of obstacles in order to be where she is today.

Blind Pig and the Acorn is another of my favorite blogs. If you  enjoy  learning history and about the lifestyle of the people from Appalachia, this blog is for you.  It has a little about antiques, some history, story telling, music, and living the  simple life and  is overall an enjoyable place to visit. There is  some great music on the site too, and I find myself heading over there quite frequently to just listen to the tunes. For those that  have issues with music players, it can be shut off so don't let that stop you.

These are just a couple of the sites that I enjoy stopping by and having a good read when I have a few spare moments. If you find yourself  with a bit of time , go on a  web walk about, there are many interesting  blogs out  there and you never know what you might find.


  1. Hey! That was super nice of you to say! I'm honored to have been mentioned. Thank you!

  2. So glad you like the Blind Pig-thanks for the shout out!!