Saturday, November 6, 2010

first snow

We had our first snow of the season last night and no it is not out of the ordinary. Just because Georgia is close to Florida does not mean it is always warm, in fact our weather here is much more like New England state's weather than Southern US. I know, it is not a real snow but rarely do we get a real, yankee land snow so our puny 17 flakes every so often make me very happy. A little too happy according to the manthing.

Last night, before bed we went out and covered some of the lettuce beds up to keep them from getting frost bit. We left the tomatoes uncovered in hopes they would be killed off. To my surprise, this morning, they all still looked fine. I have most definitely saved seeds from the ever bearing, never dying tomato plants.


  1. Name (possibly) of said variety of tomatoes? Trade you something for some seeds? (I crochet, sew, and have just started canning) Buy some of those seeds? Maybe?
    Thanks! I love reading about your adventures, and would to have some of those tomatoes as much as we love them :-)

  2. the seeds were given to me and i was told they were tiny toms from south america.. i am saving seed and usually mid winter when i am getting the garden bug i post all the seed I have to trade or swap

  3. Thanks! Will be looking out for that post :-)