Monday, November 22, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Sorry for the week long break between posts again! School is winding down another semester and I had my first BIG paper to be finishing the rough draft on last week. The weather has been beautiful so spare time was spent piddling about out doors and I was in one of my unsociable funks and could find nothing I felt like writing about. I did, however, scratch thoughts on paper scraps and took pictures of stuff that caught my eye for posts this week when it is supposed to rain at least 4 of the next 5 days.

The gardens are doing well and we are now eating fresh broccoli, carrots, greens of all sorts, onions, peas, turnips and very soon to be cabbage. Some of the cabbage is taking longer than expected due to low light issues. As soon as we can get the frame to the fifth wheel that we dismantled moved. There will be some major tree trimming going on in order to open that area of the garden back up. I do not know if we will be getting any cabbage from that area of the garden before the deep of winter sets in or if once it does I can keep them alive. The other end of the garden however, is doing very well so we have been eating fresh broccoli for the last week and the two rows of cabbage on that end are very near harvesting, so we will still get a decent haul from them.
The hens are starting to slow down for the winter on their egg production but we will have plenty of eggs stored back to get us through the winter months. We do not provide lighting in the coop for them this time of year for cost reasons but also because we do not believe in babying the animals much. They get warm, comfy, clean housing and fresh food and water. Beyond that they have no other amenities. We still have about half of the girls laying regularly so we get about 5 eggs a day at present. Still plenty for the two of us and the dogs eggs. The other day I went to collect eggs and found this ginormous bugger in the nest! POOR HEN! Most of our eggs are large to extra large this one was XXXL and not surprisingly it contained two yolks.

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