Monday, December 27, 2010

three days of snow!

It has been snowing here for three days straight here! Mind you, it is not a snow of three inches an hour so our total is only about ten inches or so but it is still enough to keep us snow bound here in the South.

On Christmas morning we awoke to nothing and were a little saddened by the lack of snow. Just before day break however, it started to fall and within an hour or so the ground was covered. The Christmas day snows were very heavy and wet so it laid on the trees nicely and made perfect snow balls. Manthing and I took a nice walk in the morning, and built a big ol snowfeller in the afternoon between feasting sessions. Unfortunately, immediately after the picture taking session, the dogs knocked him over dead.
I do not cook on Christmas Eve, or Christmas day. We instead have easy to make and eat finger foods of various sorts. Even though we do not exchange gifts or make a big deal of the holidays, I am still not going to ruin them by becoming a slave to the kitchen. This year we had cinnamon rolls, crackers, cheeses, ham, cheese balls, cookies and confections. I usually make a Waldorf salad and a veggie tray too but with just us it seems a little much.
Just as it was getting dark , the power went out and stayed out until the middle of the night. We cranked up the candles and played us a game of scrabble before going to bed. It was one of the nicest Christmas days that I can remember and one of the prettiest too.
The snow continued lightly all day yesterday adding another few inches of light fluffy snow on top of the heavy wet snow. It is very pretty but is working on dangerous as the heavy wet once walked or driven on turned to slush then refroze. The road in front of us has about an inch of ice covering it and is barely passable even in a four wheel drive. After writing to an Atlanta news channel about our weather and having no travel advisories for our area all day yesterday another county resident wrote to say that they had called the county about it and were told there was no sand n salt to do anything with the roads. It is very likely that it will be the end of the week before being able to make it to the main highway and who knows how long before our driveway will be passable. It is all good though, we are enjoying it all! Maybe a little too much perhaps but hey... they are calling for 50-60 for New Years and we really have no where that we need to go. The picture below are the neighbors grandies enjoying their first white Christmas. Our hill is a slick sheet of ice because of it but they were sure having fun. They were flying!
Here are a couple short videos from being out and about in our snow. I made a longer one however uploading them has been an issue the last couple days. I think everyone is uploading weather videos. Hard to believe its Ga in the first one! Here is a link to some more of our winter photos. You do NOT have to be a facebook member to see them.


  1. oh Dilli, isn't it cool how snow makes everything look so swesome? We got 3 days of it here too, Friday thru Sunday. We even got a dusting last night too. We just ended up with around 5" tho so it's not too bad. Here's to a great new Year...

  2. I've always wanted to experience a white Christmas. It must be quite magical. Where I live it is really hot and humid at Christmas time. The photos are just beautiful!