Saturday, March 19, 2011

learnin young

Baby moo is learning quickly that the milk stand offers yummy kibble. She has run and got up on the milk stand for a few weeks now after momma gets milked and today the little dear actually had the nerve to yell at me n tell me to hurry up. She couldnt get to the stand quick enough. We are seriously considering keeping her as she is just too cute.


  1. A really cute video. Love the little baby goats jumping around.

  2. She is a keeper; she's smart & already trained to the milk stand & has a name. She also has a pretty coat.

    It is a great video.

  3. michelle, i like her coat too. she would make a beautiful drum...
    i aint mastered rabbit tanning yet... iam a longgggggggg way from drum making :)