Monday, April 11, 2011

monday's mountain musings and garden update

We have had beautiful weather around these parts since the last round of storms. We are supposed to have some move in again this afternoon and tonight. Hopefully,these will not be as strong as the last ones. I have been working out in the gardens as much as possible to finish getting in the cooler weather crops. Since it has been so nice and the soil is 72 degrees, I have also planted warmer weather crops in small quantities. The long range forecast shows no frost in the next two weeks and that would bring us up to our typical last frost week. If by chance a frost does come, I can cover any fragile stuff or suffer the quarter loss in seed and replant. I really see no loss in trying to get ahead on planting. Here is a video of a walk through most of the gardens yesterday. I skipped the tater patch and most of the herb beds as I was too lazy to walk there. I was plum tuckered out after spending near 9 hours stooped over and squatting. One would think after over a month of working outside a lot again I would not get so tired and sore still, but I do. I sure ain't what I once was!!!

In other news, I am again in my final week of classes so when not in the gardens I have my nose stuck in virtual books researching for my final papers.One is on a subject of my choosing and I am enjoying doing the work even if it is rather tedious. It is on the effects of modernization in Appalachia.I have not decided if I like how research is done these days or not yet. Not having to go to a real library is nice but the online libraries are overwhelming and the whole never touching a real book thing is still rather odd to me.


  1. I can finally see all my garden beds! It's a big Seedlings are still inside, be another month before they can go out to grow.
    Good luck withthe papers!

  2. thankya :) HOoray on seeing the gardens...

  3. I'm thinking of starting a mini-indoor garden in my room; seeing as I'm not allowed to grow a garden outside here in the national park.

    BTW~what are u getting a degree in?

  4. We have such a short spring, that my spring garden is almost done (except for the broccoli) and have already put in the summer crops. It's supposed to get back up to the 80s this weekend. Aaaarrggghhh! Looking good. Thanks for sharing.