Saturday, May 14, 2011

alternative gardens-update

These have been taken over the last few days. The "bathroom garden" has tomatoes, potatoes, herbs, onions, cabbage , a squash and a few flowers growing in it.
The peas are from the container (vents from RV) bed. Mixed in with the peas I have some thyme planted.
These beds also made from junk off the trailers have flowers and a couple types of squash and melon. There are wick beds made with junk mail, an old rug piece, soda cans and a small amount of compost over the top.
The hot tub potatoes are doing well in the hot tub with straw as a growing medium. The tub is now full to the top with straw and the taters are looking good. They are starting to flower. I chucked a few melon seeds in there for good measure the other day before adding the last layer of straw. I do not know if they will grow or not but I had plenty of seeds to waste a few if it happens.
Beets growing in the gutter garden. This location is quite shady, so things grow quite slowly in them but for what little soil the gutters hold they do quite well for growing.

The SIP planters that we built a few weeks ago are working great. The tiny tomato I planted in mine is now flowering and growing very well.

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