Friday, May 20, 2011

orchard update

pear- the pears are quite tall already. They are going to be large trees. As you can see the deer nibbled on the lower branches but the taller ones are already out of ready.
peaches. There were so many peach babies on the trees I had to pull off most of them so that the little branches wouldn't break off . I had to pluck close to 3 dozen fruit off the two trees and left 4-6 on each. cherry.
apple- The one pictures is the healthiest and as you can see it is pretty short and ugly in comparison to the others

Most of the orchard we planted in late winter is coming along nicely. We may even get a few fruits from the peaches this year. The apples though planted in the hardest to reach place for critters are definitely the deer's tree of choice. We may have to replace two of them this winter because of it. We broke down and bought some deer netting last weekend when we were in town to try and salvage them. All in all we cant really complain since we knew better than to leave them naked but hoped the dogs would keep them away. Even the puny little currant bushes that the nursery thought wouldn't make it are doing quite well.

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