Wednesday, July 27, 2011

alternative gardens-midsummer update

Here are a few of the alternative planters that I lovingly refer to as my junk beds. All are doing quite well growing what I have put in them and some are doing excellent. The peppers in the tires are hip height already (not saying a whole lot as I am only 5'2) and have little peppers growing. The tomatoes that sprouted from last years tomatoes after I pulled the taters from the hot tub (the first week of July) are already getting blossoms.The tomatoes surrounding the tub are all volunteers too. The vent gardens, bathroom beds, wick and tin can beds are giving us fresh flowers to look at and veggies for eats. Not a one that I really complain about when it gets down to it. They were all completely free, everything was recycled and they require minimal care to maintain. Even watering them daily is not much of a hassle. I quite enjoy wandering about with my coffee, camera, and buckets of water early in the morning when the birds are noisy and the goats are quiet.


  1. Looks wonderful! Aren't those early mornings (with coffee!) the best?!

  2. Love the use of the alternative items. Have quite a bit around, myself, and plan on doing some this fall to prepare for early spring. Thanks for sharing. Come visit when you can...