Sunday, July 3, 2011

hillbilly lounge chair

We had seen a video for making these simple chairs a while back. After our store bought chair crapped out the other day, manthing decided he needed to make one. It is really simple to make and slap together and is very comfortable.

To make it all you need is four sticks. Three of which need to be about your height. The fourth needs to be long enough to fit your butt and lay across the tripod that is made from the three longer ones. Tie the three long ones in a simple tripod and then add the fabric seat.The video we saw used material or a burlap bag to make the cushion but manthing is a tall feller so a bag would not quite cut it. Instead he used an old tarp that he cut down to the width needed and then folded it in half over the butt rest stick. and then tied it at the top. That is it, you are finished and you have a very comfy camp chair without having to lug a chair through the woods. Instead all you take with you is the piece of fabric or tarp.

For the little stool he just cut three short sticks and tied into a tripod and added a round of wood.


  1. That's what it's all about... you sure look comfy. Have a happy Fourth. Come visit when you can.

  2. I love it! LOL! What a great idea! So simple and it's looks comfy! I must try that.