Tuesday, July 12, 2011

more plantin places-from junk

Measa was putzing about today because its too hot and humid to do much else and made a few new planting places from sections of old corrugated culvert pipe that we had laying around. He just dug the area out, slipped the section of pipe in, then filled back up around them, and added soil. They will be nice for herbs or other plants that we do not want to spread all over or as veggie planters.We had to replace our old mail box a couple weeks ago and of course we all thought about making the old one into a planter. Today it was sunk into the ground, no holes needed to be made since it was holey already then filled with soil. One of these days I will take some spray paint down and give it some color so it doesn't look quite so junky.


  1. very cool! Even if it is "junk" it sure looks nice and neat and well thought out.

  2. Love your 'junk' planters. Making do with what is available is one of my favorite things. Unless you want to preserve the mailbox, I think you should just leave it as is - show it's true roots.

  3. You do the absoulute neatest things!