Thursday, July 21, 2011

today's tally

Things are finally starting to ripen a little bit more and the other day I canned the first dilli pickles of the year and some green tomatoes. We have never tried pickling the maters before so I only did a small jar to allow us to get a taste and see if they are something we like. This weekend we should be canning up the first of the tomatoes as they are finally coming in faster than we can eat them. If we would get a bit of rain things would really pick up production and bury us in veggies. The peaches from the orchard trees are all ripened now and boy are they pretty lil buggers. We are happy since they have not even been in the ground 9 months. All total from the two new peach trees we got about 15 peaches after I removed the majority of them this past spring. This morning I harvested maters, cukes, zukes, yellow squash, beans, peaches and herbs. Since I don't have a scale I just have to guess at the weight and would say 20-25 pounds. Needless to say we are eating good and healthy around the ol homestead. Yes the tomatoes are not quite ripe because that is how I pick them. We have much less damage that way and gives me a better idea of when I will have to do some preserving.

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