Thursday, May 24, 2012

gone to the birds...

I had noticed over the past few weeks that we had a bird living in  amongst the  pea vines. This is not all that unusual as the Carolina wrens tend to build their homes anywhere they  find  a hole  and if they  cant find one suitable they  make do with most anything. Last season I had set aside  some nondairy creamer containers for projects  but they soon took them over and  made them home. We have had one nest in the outdoor kitchen cupboard  for  many years  and we have them in a decorative clay pumpkin down by the green  house and we have a  pair that actually live in the greenhouse.

The other day  when I was cleaning out the pea vines I  knew I had upset a bird as she dive bombed my head but I never found a nest down in the vines.  I moved the bamboo trellis  several times  while cleaning the mess not thinking that  this was where she had made her happy homestead.   After a short break I went back to work and when I put the trellis over the newly planted  black eye peas I swore I saw a bird fly out of it.  Yesterday while weeding  the remaining  rows I again bumped the trellis and got dive bombed, so I knew that indeed she was nesting down in the bamboo poles.  Today while down hilling taters, I  bumped the poles and again she flew out in a mad fashion. Since I had the camera with me  I decided to turn the flash on and see just what was down in  there. Lo and behold,  in two of the poles there are nests  filled with eggs.  So not only is the  bamboo a trellis but a bird  condominium. Can't wait to watch the lil fellers hatch and  fledge through the season.

  Here is another home for our birds. Yes, it is in the shack and on the book shelf.  The sliding glass doors stay open most  all of the summer months with no screen and the little darlings  fly in and out as if they live here. Last year one built in the same spot but it was under the blue  binder. I thought it was cool and just left the nest there. Apparently she thought it was cool too and came back again  this spring and built another.


  1. Wow, I cannot believe the nest is down that little tube. Even for a Carolina wren that seems small. I love the nest on the shelf too.

  2. We have the little Carolina wrens here too, and there favorite place is our garden shed. They nest there and in any hanging baskets that I put up.

    Your pics are great, sweetie. The veggies look so good...Our gardens up here are much later than yours, but things are moving right along.