Wednesday, May 16, 2012

tobacco time...

After getting the majority of the gardens in for the summer, it came time to begin planting the tobacco down in the holler.  We loaded up Azulita with plants, the tiny tiller, wood ash, fertilizer and chainsaw then  headed down the hill for a day of "fun."
Manthing tilled up the rows right quick while I  followed behind with the bucket of ash, fertilizer, and my handy dandy little trowel. After he tilled, I sprinkled some ash in each hole, threw a bit of  grow juice in  and set the plants in.  We do use commercial fertilizer twice a year for the tobacco. It is a very heaver feeder  on the soil and though we do not use chemical fertilizer on anything else we grow, we cannot keep up with amounts needed for the tobacco too.
The plants were a  tiny bit smaller than I would have liked but they did  have an excellent root system for a change.   Once manthing got my rows done he went off and collected  cook wood from dead fall while I planted and planted and planted.  About 200  plants were put in the ground and we still have about that many to go in yet.  Depending on the weather we may get them in this weekend. Tobacco needs to stay moist just after transplantation or they tend to die off to the ground. Planting just before a rain  or watering them in is needed.  As a side note, once tobacco has established   good roots it is very difficult to kill  off. It more often than not, will grow back  from  what looks to be a dead plant so  wait a week or two before replanting if you think you have killed the babies.



  1. I'd forgotten how labor-intensive tobacco is, even though I have never personally grown any. I'm not sure I have enough flat-ish land to grow enough for my own use anyway.

    Good luck with yours!

  2. I am blown away by what you have been living since 2006, and now, I am joining in on the fun! I lost my first business in 2009 due to economic crisis in central Arkansas. And my 2nd business in January. So now, unable to find an income, am turning a friends 5 acre desert property into a green machine.
    Looking to make new friends, swap ideas, and most of all... Im looking for some Fava Beans, if you are willing to share. Ive spent hours on your blog, and need to start doing more on facebook.
    By the way, I dont have hobbies anymore, Im practicing for Armageddon!