Wednesday, April 24, 2013

remember that ol trailer?

Probably not  as it has been so long...

Well anyway,  years ago we had a fifth wheel camper and it slowly rotted away. So we tore it down, sorted it and recycled what we  could for projects around here and there it sat for a couple years while we pondered what to do with the frame.  We always thought it would look neat dropped  down off the axles with  a gazebo on the platform and raised beds in the actual frame. Finally,  early this spring we  actually got around to accomplishing it, or most of it.

First we manhandled the frame to where we kind of needed it, dropped the wheels off then  hooked a  tow rope to it and got it into position. We layered cardboard in
the bottom, filled with leaves, then added compost.

 Since it is in a semi-shaded spot we decided that it would do well  growing our cabbage this spring with a few flowers and herbs mixed in. In another week or three we will  put corn in between them to help provide a bit more shade  later in the spring. 

The gazebo, ahhh well another couple years and we may have that done too. In the mean time it makes a handy place to sit containers and plantlings.  

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