Monday, December 15, 2014

we have water.... or will when it rains

Many of you know that our main source for water here was the cistern. When the shack burned, it took away the entire system leaving us with no easy way to source general-purpose water.  Of course, we have the pond, a pump and tank, but the truck we used to haul water also burned. And, we also have the critter water which is a mini cistern system. Without most of the animals we are not using much water down there so we  manthing has been bringing it to where I need it by the five gallon bucket or  we capture it when it rains (only twice in  over 4 weeks).

Today we hung gutter on the cabin so that we have a closer and larger supply of water. We took and  set the 330 gallon tank up there and put gutters up (supplied by our heroes same folks with the bobcat,and produce).  This will allow us to have water that is  much  closer to where we are, have more of it on hand and hook a hose to it and gravity feed it to where we are. In time, we will fix the old 12x21 cistern for dry storage,  gutter it, get another 330 gallon tank, and daisy chain the two together and hook them to the tin can internet cafe. That will give us 660 gallons of storage or about a third of what we used to have. But.. it's a start. This will allow us to have running water and hot showers for about 9 months a year. and during the cold winter months we can still  have water via five gallon bucket.

As the manthing said, " they area lot like me! They aint pretty,in fact they kinda ugly but they will work!"

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