Thursday, November 19, 2009

bake day

We do about once a month baking while we still can afford electricity. Using wood fired ovens is wonderful in most every way but they do take a good while to heat up and use a fair bit of wood for fuel. With just two of us here now we dont use all that much bread or other baked yummies, well that's a lie we eat alot of snackies we bake . In fact i know we eat way too many but while i can have them and afford to make them we will have plenty...

Any how,

I am going to do a play by play of a bake day schedule, with any luck i may even figure out how to put pictures in my posts..

7 am start wiggling out of bed n waking up

7:30 coffee on and comps up doing the work looking and news crawling for the morning

8:30 tunes of the day pulled up and set on play list (today is blind melon and traffic).. Manthing off to make fires in both the cook top and under the oven . He also begins heating me some water, puts a kettle of tea water on and gets my griddle started to heat .

8:45 I go and pull the starters of mixes out of the indoor unused oven to begin mixing and kneading . We always make a huge batch of pancakes , johnny cakes and tortillas on the griddle since we have it on.I will also begin prepping the rest of what will be cooked today.

9:45 breads are all raising first mess of dishes is washed and am off to make the griddle cooked foods

10:30 All the griddle foods are cooked, breakfast served. I put a pot of rice on to cook as well as a big pot of pintos. As soon as my dish water heats i will put a large pot of taters.

12noon I put a root veggie dish in the oven and an italian chicken dish to slow roast as the oven finishes getting up to temp. The bread loaves are raising as are the rolls. I decide to make apple acorn muffins and begin chopping the apples and mixing until it seems like it should taste good when cooked. I make a meatless meatloaf of our left over lentils and since i have a bit of enchilada sauce left over from mid week decide it will be a mexican meatless loaf. Work on round two of the dishes and refill the water bucket to heat again for round three of dishes and bathing water for later.

1:30 figure i better go feed my critters since i had neglected them all day. Manthing took measurements for a new cage for meat babies. We have a herd of ten ready to butchers running free in chicken run but thats a whole other post. I am now done using the stove top side of the griddle and the remainder of the afternoon will be spent simply baking.

2:30 The first batch of muffins is out and first round of the rolls is in. I should have 3 rounds of bread and muffins, cake and then will finish with meatloaf and baked taters.

Dishes are pretty well caught up and the major rush of baking day is done. For the next 4 hours or so i just go insert and remove stuff as needed. Still have the indoor garden plants to water, evening chores and wood to bring in before dark hits .

4pm One batch of bread and one of muffins , cake , meatloaf and baked taters still left to go.

6pm I put the meatloaf and baked potatoes in the oven. The end of my day of baking. The oven is cooling down now so it will take the meal a bit longer than if it was at 350 degrees. I fix our dinner plates of the root veggies and chicken. I package everything that has been baked and either put in the fridge for use over the next week or so or i out it in the freezer until needed. Time to finish dishes for the day then sit down and enjoy a cup of hot rice drink.

8pm. Everything is now done and out of the oven and so ends another day of baking

pictures of baking day

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