Friday, November 20, 2009

A bit more on the land

Without going into to to much detail on the land here, I will try and give folks a bit of a better idea of what we are working with.

We have just under 15 acres of rugged mountain terrain in the northern bits of Ga.Our land is just out of the Cohutta wilderness area in the southern Appalachians. The land is at about 1900 foot elevation, which to some folks aint much but to us its a mountain. We also live in what is known as the katuah bio region, which amongst other things means we have a lot of precipitation. Often times the precipitation comes in large quantities in short periods of time, luckily it is generally in the form of rain . We are in the south but we get winter weather. We get much of the same type of weather as the north eastern part of the country, we simply do not get it for the extremes or for the length of time and thankfully we dont get much snow . We also do not get the extreme heat of being in the south, 90 degrees where we are is fairly uncommon.

Our property is long, skinny and is full of ridges and hollers. The largest flat spot is approximately 250 x 75 and the next largest is about 50x100. All other flat or flattish spots are few and far between. Of the 15 acres there is approximately five cleared for shack, gardens and pasture. The rest is wooded. One bonus about our land is we have some really nice scenery in a small area and have some very nice camp sites on the property. The area is also pretty quiet most of the time since there is no one behind us and we are in a sparsely populated area to begin with. A few years back we decided to not camp elsewhere any longer because there was no place within a few hours of driving distance quieter than home.

In the link of photos of the land you will see some of the current structures and lay out of the property .All of the photos have been take here on our property. With the exception of the main shack everything here has been made from either resources from the land itself or from recycled materials. Any structures you may see in the woods have been built without the use of nails or any other practices resulting in injury to the trees. We think we have a beautiful piece of land that we call home.

photos of the land

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  1. Looking good Dilli. A few great photos in there. Can't wait to get the opportunity to come visit.