Sunday, December 27, 2009

bunny hut updates -poop trays

We got or should I say manthing got the second smaller inside hutch done last week. So now the bunnies all have nice, proper, inedible bunny houses.

We then had a brainstorm and remembered we still had some old incubator trays hanging around and they looked like they would fit near perfectly under the new huts to collect the poops. . These make perfect poop collectors since they also have holes in them allowing the urine to pass through.

When it is time to collect poops I just go down through and either lift the trays and empty into a bucket or I use a dust pan and scoop them in the pail. The Urine falls on through to the leaves and begin the compost process. I just add new leaves as needed to keep any smells at bay .

When the bunnies slop their foods it also falls through and the hens wander about underneath eating the food so their is no more waste of feed either.

When I cleaned the trays today, it had been collecting for four days.The two cages filled an entire five gallon pail with poops for fertilizer.

Our next step in the bunny housing remodel will be adding a large worm bin under the two out door cages of bunnies we have. This will give us a 6 foot long by over 2 foot wide and 2 foot deep worm compost system with virtually no upkeep or care. It will also collect the bunny waste from those two cages, keep odors to a minimum,make useful amendments, provide oodles of worms and maybe at some point give us a small income from marketing a few worms.

the bunny pics

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