Tuesday, December 29, 2009

last harvest of 2009

Today I harvested what will most likely be the last of our outdoor 2009 harvests. We have extremely cold for her weather moving in over the next few nights and I successfully made this the longest grow season to date and with no outdoor covering of any plants. Must be the global warming

That said with the low temps expected in the next few nights it is highly likely I will also lose what is in the GH, so I made a good harvest of what i could from in there and will hope for the best and see just how well the row covers and blankets , tarps etc do on what is growing in there.

The carrots were from outside as was the green onions ans several herbs that I also harvested. The greens and turnips were from in the GH.

I have a few beans up in the loft ready for picking and more greens are ready to harvest from there as well but they are a different post altogether.

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  1. Looks great! cant wait till spring here!