Monday, February 22, 2010

monday's mountain musings

We got the first five  beds worked up and ready for planting this week. Two of them are planted already. One has peas and one has onion sets. I planted 2 pounds of set which equals 170 plants total.. On our next town trip I will pick up another 2 pounds of seed and get them in the third bed next week. We use a lot of onions here as I use it in almost everything I cook. On top of these I will also do green onions, scallions, leeks  and I am thinking I may even try a few shallots this season just for kicks. The two remaining worked beds will likely get greens of some sort planted in them. Next up for grooming and preparing will be the terraces on the hill from hell,the bed behind the gh and a bed  up by the shack.

a little rant
I am a member, visitor, reader and contributor at quite a variety of different forums, websites and blogs. I do this because I enjoy seeing other peoples real life experiences, view points, ideas, thoughts  and creative genius. I also do it so that I can help others that share a common vision with me and to  help pass along  traditions, skills and ways of life that seem to be bygone. I do it for the love of doing it and   because I firmly believe that the old ways of life  and getting back to the basics are  the key to our  future. The messages that we as a collective group of like minded (I know this is a huge spectrum) individuals  send  out needs to be one of decent standards, morals and ethics as well as one of sound mind , body and spirit. Our messages need to be ones of hope, helpfulness and humbleness and  yet as of late  it seems  we as a collective group  are losing this  bond  that ties us together because of  greed and over inflated egos that our new found  popularity seems to have brought on.

Lately, as I glance over the many places I visit and contribute I notice more and more paid advertisements, fees to see the materials that you yourself may have contributed too, VIP and other  clubs,  reputation  systems and on the homestead  level folks charging people to come work for them  and pay them  for the pleasure of working along side such esteemed people.  I am finding this more and more disturbing as time goes by as  to me it seems  more like a game of genitalia measuring  than  anything else. Who  can have the highest following, the biggest website, the most posts  and the most sponsorship  rather than doing  what they set out to do which is to help others and spread our knowledge.

Folks, this is a time  that we need to bond together, do what we do best  and help others. Spread the knowledge, stop the stupid game playing and  let the greed and ego  go. We are at a pivotal point (at least to me) in  not just our lives but our children and grandchildren's lives. It is a time we get back to the basics, back to our roots, morals, ethics and ideals. What is happening is not the way to go about it.  By doing so we are feeding the same  monster that has gotten  us to  this point. The insanity has to stop, we the people that have gotten this whole movement  going, on its feet and into  mainstream society are ruining it  through our actions and behaviors.

As a result of this very  game, I have recently stopped contributing, visiting and reading many sites that I would have once recommended folks to visit , join and learn from.   I  simply can not and will not contribute to the sites any longer that in my eyes have lost sight of their focus and vision. I will continue to do  what I believe in and enjoy  doing  and if that means I do it only in my little blog world   and on our little homestead  with open doors then so be it.


  1. AMEN! AND AMEN! Well said! You are right!...once upon a time (in a land not so far away...)people were NICE to people...even if they didn't know them. People helped each other... Now people wanna know, "what's in it for ME"? Humbleness is almost a thing of the past.

  2. Here here!

    I completely concur.

  3. Eloquently put Marie.... i myself have lost my way, and if it wasn't for folks such as youself and Hippie i could still be lost in the spiraling babylon that is today... blessed be for the folks that truely want to help and know themselves; those who dont't get caught in the race for superiority and take a step back to see the whole picture...
    all my love hope to see yall soon

  4. thanks dilli & hippie for being friends apart from the rest. i get much motivation & inspiration from the down to earth & friendly homesteading blogs such as yours & do hope i can pass it on in some way. the 3 h's you talk about are seeds i hope we are planting everdyay. we never know what the fruit will be, but it will be.
    love & peace