Monday, March 1, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Another week of fairly horrible weather out. Very cool and damp weather with  high winds all week and a storm warning for tonight and  tomorrow even.  They are saying 5 or more inches for us, that is supposedly snow however it would be no surprise to simply get a foot of rain.I chalk the heavy winter and spring rains up to raising the water tables for when we don't get  as much rain in the summer. Of course, last summer(near 100 inches for year) it was trying to make up for the three prior years of drought, so we don't really need  more precipitation of any sort. In fact I would prefer we didn't get any for a spell so that we could get a few more of the garden beds woke up.

Speaking of gardens, I kicked most of my greenies to the gh yesterday. I know its harsh to take them from the comfort of the loft and the nice little light shining down on them everyday  and chuck them in the cold gh, but they had to go. I needed room for my next round of babies. I have now started, some alpine strawberries and three new types of crazy hybrid tomatoes. All of this  round will either remain in the loft   for the season or go into the gh and be grown there. I also  started a couple cucumbers, zucchini and squash for th same purpose. One or two of each plant will go to the gh, a couple will go to  containers and  a couple  will stay up in the house for the balcony and loft summer grow.  This week I will begin planting the rest of the tomatoes, peppers and egg plant as well. When we go to town  next, I will also grab another pound or two  of onion sets.

My  first two tomatoes are ripe! Well not quite ripe, but they are turning  and if I can leave them alone long enough to turn red  they will be  quite  lovely. Unfortunately  every time I pass by them they scream at me to  fry them   now, so I cant promise they will make it to a pretty red mater picture. My winter cucumber also now has baby cukes growing so soonly we will  have cucumber/mater salads again. YUM!  Funny though, my winter  garden, that was really  planted before fall started,  will begin   to be harvested about the first day of spring. What a long  time to wait  for  veggies but then again  now that I know how long it takes for my winter grow with only natural light to start producing,I will keep it in mind  so that on the first day of summer i will plant my winter grow this year.

Today we went and helped a friend prepare his first real garden. Actually  a neighbor tilled it for him with a tractor, we are helping put up  an 8 foot fence  around the perimeter. I also  helped him plot out what to plan, where and when.  Now if he follow instructions and he has a  good season, he should be able to produce darn near all his food the entire summer with some to put back for the winter.

Gumbelina is two weeks old now. She has straightened out well  health wise  since her birth  and is growing at a fast clip. She has also  learned to speak Japanese rather fluently and can count to 50 in Portuguese. She is such a smart girl.

And finally, we are moving out of the stone age with  our grinding methods.  No worries, not too far. To explain further, I will make a post on   grinding  grains around the homestead with our various methods after the new one arrives .

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