Friday, March 5, 2010

signs of spring

Our first flowers of spring have finally started to bloom here. They all finally started blooming  yesterday. The crocus and little purple things are everywhere   and the daffodils should be full bloom with in a week or so. I love the first spring colors and flowers, it is much like a rebirth  each time it happens and makes me feel sooooooo good!


  1. OOooh..... thank you. I'm so jealous! Up here in the northlands, we've still got snow, but thankfully, it's melting a bit and all. I did see a teeny bit of a daff tip peaking up from an exposed bed, but that's it. We've got another couple weeks at most until all our bulbs start coming up. SInce we moved here two years ago, We've planted close to a thousand bulbs to get the place going, hopefully forever now. They are tucked ALL over the moby estate so that when spring starts we will be SO ready for it. Thanks for that little boost!

  2. oooh those are so pretty!...They do make me believe in spring!