Wednesday, April 28, 2010

around the homestead-making sausage

Yesterday  we butchered bunnies so today  we made us some sausage. Since rabbit is a very lean meat I added some pig fat to  the meat when we ground it. When I browsed sausage making recipes and seasoning mixes to refresh my memory since I have not made fresh sausage in about 18 years, most of the recipes had a 1 to 1 ratio of either bacon or bacon fat to rabbit meat. That seemed like too much fat to me so we went with a 3  or so parts meat to one part  fat back ratio. I cut that into  bite size chunks and ran it through our tiny grinder.  Next we cut the meat bit into  manageable chunks and ran that through the grinder.
Once we got all the meat and fat ground through  once I mixed with my hands a bit and then  added our spice mix. I didn't use a recipe when it came to adding the seasonings, I just threw spices and seasonings until it seemed about right. I added maybe a touch too much of salt but other than  that my eyeball served me well. I tossed in some sage, cumin,sea salt, pepper,a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg  and some grated garlic and ginger. Manthing doesn't care for much sage flavoring while I don't care for spicy sausage. If I had some apples I would haved diced them up in there too. Here is a site with  several sausage recipes and here is one with  hundreds.

Once the spices were mixed in by hand  we ran it through the grinder again to mix it in  better.  Since we were having some of it for supper this evening I made them in to patties. The remainder I put in  saran wrap and rolled into logs  and once it is frozen  I will slice it into serving sized portions.

Tonight we had  our patties  with some  rice and okra

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