Wednesday, April 28, 2010

simple supper-pancakes and ham

We enjoy breakfast for supper on occasion and more often than not it is pancakes  with a bit of meat and some fruit either on top or  served to the side. Total cost for the two of us for our supper and another morning of pancakes is about a $1.25 a rather expensive  meal or two  for us in all actuality. From start to finish, prep and cooking  it takes about a half hour once we get the fire hot.

The other night when we  made them we had dandelion pancakes with dandelion syrup, a couple slices of ham  and we were going to have melon  but I never got around to fixing it.  To make the pancakes  I just use whatever recipe I  use for regular pancakes and substitute 1 cup of the flour with one cup corn meal  and add a cup of dandelion petals to the mix. I also replace the sugar in the recipe with  dandelion syrup.  This makes for a very healthy  pancake no matter what time of day.

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