Thursday, May 13, 2010

garden 2010-stir fry greens

Yesterday I decided to harvest the remainder of the stir fry greens as they were all beginning to go to seed and doing so in a hurry. I had harvested a couple grocery size bags full the prior day and was hoping to be able to let the rest grow a while longer and continue using them fresh rather than freezing because  frozen greens  are not one of our favorite dishes. Unfortunately I can't force the plants into anything and harvesting them became necessary.

I froze 8 gallons of the greens and kept a couple meals out for the week.  All total from the hot tub full of greens we got about 30 meals or significant portions of meals.Not too shabby for a 4x4 plot or there about.  After pulling the greens I worked the soil  and direct seeded some "tiny tom" tomatoes that were gifted to me and carrots in it.

The greens were nice but not  something I would want an entire hot tub full again any time soon. I am not a huge green eater to begin with and one of the greens in the mix was stringy when  stir fried. I actually preferred them in a salad mix or as a wilted green dish rather than in a stir fry or on their own   The mix also had too many mustard greens in it. We grow them on their own  and not exactly something I would think of in an Asian  stir fry mix.  I should have planted  a month or so earlier than I did  and then cover on the coldest nights. These were planted mid march and were going to seed already, I think  if I planted earlier we would have probably doubled the production from the plot of them. I  do think they would make a good GH crop for over wintering so will  probably try a  small plot of them in there this fall.


  1. How wonderful to have a harvest of something already. Living in Georgia has its perks. Here in Michigan we started seeds in a little unheated greenhouse and then two nights of freezing killed a lot of the seedlings. My greens are growing but nowhere near harvest.

  2. Very nice harvest you got there dilli! Was it a 'greens' mix of seeds or from some that you saved? There are so many kinds of greens, I am trying to grow a bigger variety this year. Besides the usual spinach, chard & kale, the new green this year is collards & I don't know yet what to do with them. It is just sprouting now, so there's plenty of time to get some ides. any suggestions?

  3. It is indeed nice to be harvesting veggies Cyndi. after being down here for a good long while I dont think I would want to go back to the growing seasons up North.

    Michelle they were a mix of greens I bought from baker creek. I need to find the packet of seed and see what all is in there..It would be real easy to duplicate the mix i am positive.

    Down here most boil their collards like other greens. I like the small leaves in salads, just chop n chuck in there.. I also like them sautees with onion n bacon pieces in there and really enjoy them in wilted greens recipes with a sweet n sour type dressing over it..