Monday, May 10, 2010

Just when you think I have disappeared off the face of the earth, here I am.  I am a terrible blogger personthing but not as bad as I am as a diarist or letter writer. I have no real good excuse for not writing a peep over the last week  and a few days other than I had better things to do. No offense  meant of course, it is just how life on a homestead is.  We have our down times  where we spend most of our time parked inside the shack plugged into the world and then there are times when we are busy  nearly  from sun up to sun down followed by dinner and evening chores. We have also been paying quite a bit of attention to both the oil spoil and the horrific weather across the country over the last week  or so and quite frankly  the spoil has me in a sour mood and wanting to go on a big rant but I am trying to spare anyone having to read my feelings on the whole thing.

  Being that it is planting and garden tending time we were most definitely running at full bore for a few days. Everything is now planted but the tobacco,we will begin planting that in the  next week and stagger plantings over the course of a month or so. When we have needed a break from gardening there have been other normal chores to do and we have been working on trashing out the old 5th wheel camper and gleaning what we can in the process.What a nasty job! When I needed a break from all of that I  day dreamed, plotted, schemed and built a couple new gardens from garbage.

Thankfully today we are having just enough of a rain to call it  a rain out and I can get caught up on a few things, download pics and post about some of what has been going on around the homestead  over the last several days.

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  1. That iris is beautiful! I adore bearded Iris, but they never seem to want to grow for me... They are the 1 plant that makes me want to cry "UNCLE!" 8-)