Saturday, June 5, 2010

mason jar sauerkraut

We have been harvesting cabbage for the last couple weeks and the other day we finally had enough so that we could make some kraut .The recipe I use is near fail proof and I have never lost a batch, I can not say that about using a crock and making it that way.

The basic process is to chop or shred your cabbage, chuck some salt on it, mix it up and let it sit overnight. After 24 hours put the cabbage into sterilized jars and cover with the brine. Cap and let sit 6 weeks or more, then process. It really is nearly that easy. The last time I made our kraut this way the 6 weeks was not quite a long enough fermentation period,this time we will let it go 8 weeks and sample. I jarred up 4 quarts today and hopefully we will get another batch or two with the spring cabbage and then some come fall.

For a more in depth recipe at making easy kraut go here.


  1. Love, love, love homemade kraut!

    Have you ever used cabbage for lettuce in taco fillings and taco salads. It stays crisp and crunchy through out the meal.

  2. I love sauerkraut too. I'll have to try your recipe. I use one from Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning, but I'm always willing to experiment. Thanks for the link too.

  3. susan that is all we use in our mexican dishes..Only time i use lettuce in them is if i am out of cabbage n that isn't often..I have used cabbage in mex meals since i went to mexico 12 years or so ago,,lettuce is an american thing lol.

  4. I just bought homemade sauerkraut, my first time having it ever (that I remember). I want to make it, but worry it will get moldy instead of ferment. One kid here loves it & wants to buy it & eat it as often as she can. It would be so good to learn to make it, esp with cabbage in abundance at harvest time! Thanks for posting the jar method dilli!

  5. I have found with the crock method it is much more susceptible to growing nastiness.During the cool months or if you have a nice very cool all the time room it works but here when our spring cabbage is harvested it is just too warm and the trouble ensues.. With the jars and capping you are basically doing the same but working in a much smaller controlled environment where you basically know you are making a good seal for fermentation